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Monday April 24, 2017

CPSC Staffers Raise Tipping Furniture in Chat with JPMA

CPSC staff April 19 suggested to JPMA that potential collaboration could extend beyond traditional nursery products. This could include areas like tipping furniture. The exchange came in a meeting between communications office staff and Danielle Iverson, who recently became the group's legislative and regulatory affairs director. No direct plans or agreements were made as this was among a series of get-to-know sessions over the past few weeks.


Scott Wolfson, agency communications director, said CSPC has tiers of relationships with outside groups for its Anchor It! campaign. The top level involves memoranda of understanding and commitments from both sides on deliverables and deadlines. Lower levels are less formal. The agency is open to anyone participating, he asserted.


He acknowledged that the issue extends beyond items typically seen as juvenile products. However, Communications staffer Nikki Fleming pointed to NIH's Safe to Sleep effort (, which she said has similarly expanded the "back to sleep" idea to the entire sleep environment.


As for the Anchor It! effort, Wolfson told Iverson that the model is the agency's Pool Safely project, which has been highly popular over the years. Although the anti-tipping program is not as extensive yet, Patty Davis, CPSC press secretary, said there have been some improvements in the numbers of incidents and suggested a possible link.


Iverson explained that JPMA's Baby Show series might be a good fit if such collaboration were to occur. The 2017 kick-off is in May in California, and she noted that CPSC staffers are scheduled to participate.


Iverson also asked whether CPSC prefers to let groups craft their own messages or to provide them. Flemming said that both have occurred. What is important, she stressed, is that there is a unified message.


Wolfson also suggested potential JPMA interest in sling safety. He pointed to ongoing work by the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance. Iverson said she would look into it. He also urged continued social media cooperation between CPSC and JPMA such as sharing each other's tweets.